Safety Signs

Safety signs must be used whenever a hazard or danger can not be avoided adequately or reduced in another way. Before installing safety signs an employer should examine whether the hazard can be avoided or reduced by collective precautions or safer ways of doing the work. 

Road Safety

Road Safety refers to the equipment used to prevent road users from being killed or seriously injured. These include Equipments like speed bumps, traffic cones, link chains with posts, road barriers, and etc.


Spill Kits & Oil Absorbents

Introducing a large range of spill control products that efficiently manage any industrial liquid hazard. These products are now needed to comply with health and safety regulations and are your first line of defence against a variety of spills.


Rescue equipment

For technicians using rope and other rigging systems to perform work at height, or who work in hazardous environments that may require specialized safety equipment to prevent falls or other on-the-job accidents.

FYRPRO® 640 Jacket/Trousers for firefighters
Part Number : 13614544
Brand : IST
Ref./Colours :
Standard : Produced according to EN 469:2005 standard. CE marked and certified in accordance with 89/686/EEC PPE Directive.
Sizes :
M - XL
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  • L
  • XL
Description :


 Heat protective, water and    oil repellent finish. Antistatic. 

  93% Metaaramid, 5%   Paraaramid, 2%     Antistatic



 Breathable moisture     barrier providing   penetration            
resistance against water   and other liquids

 Nonwoven   Aramid/Melamine + PU   Membrane



 Provides thermal isolation

100% NOMEX Aramid   felt



 Provides a high degree of   comfort to the wearer

 50%Aramid + 50%   Viscose FR


POCKETS: Jacket includes two covered pockets on each side with left chest pocket for radio and a microphone bracket

DOUBLE CLOSED FRONT: Velcro fixing and safety zipper

WRIST BANDS: Aramid knitting

ZIPPERS: Metal teeth with quick release

COLLAR: Wide collar with collar closure system

FRONT OPENING: Closed with brass zipper which is covered by a Velcro sealed plate

ADJUSTABLE PROTECTIVE CUFF: Velcro fire proofed and waterproof thumb ring design

SEWING THREAD: High quality Nomex thread.

REFLECTIVE TRIMS: Fire retardant 50 mm yellow-grey-yellow strip



Two 4 cm wide elastic strips stitched into the waist band at the back of the trouser

Including two adjustable length 4 cm wide elastic strips with clips stitched into the waist at the front of the trouser.

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